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Still no charges filed in death of Weber baby

SHARE Still no charges filed in death of Weber baby

SOUTH WEBER — It's been more than four months since a 3-month-old baby died in day care in South Weber, but investigators have still not said if any charges will be filed.

Clancy Peterson suffered fatal head injuries March 29 at a home day care run by Jeri Daines at 7325 S. 1600 East. He died April 4.

Daines told police she left the infant alone on a bed for 15 minutes. When she returned, he was on the floor with the head injury.

The cause of those fatal injuries was one of the big questions for detectives at the beginning of the investigation. Did the boy simply fall off the bed, or was he pulled off the bed by other children? And should any charges be filed against Daines?

Davis County Sheriff's Lt. Kenny Payne said investigators met with the county attorney last week. He said detectives are waiting to hear from several doctors.

"We sent physical evidence to professionals back east and now we're waiting for their opinion," said Payne.

Payne said detectives are confident that other children who were in the day care, ranging in age from 3 to 4 years old, are involved with the death.

But the outcome of the case is still up in the air. "We don't know if anyone will be charged," said Payne. He said the children cannot be charged because they're too young. However, he said it is possible that their parents could be held civilly liable.

Payne expects the results of the investigation to be released within the next few months. He said Daines and her attorney have been extremely cooperative with detectives and everyone involved has been patient.

"The family of the victim is OK with what is going on. They feel they're being treated fair. We're doing everything cautiously because we want to do it right," said Payne.

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