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Hansen attack was ironic

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Usually when Deseret News editors allow someone the privilege of nearly a quarter-page of ink in a "My View" editorial, that person has a cogent argument that contributes to readers' understanding of complex issues. Rosemary Holt's diatribe against Congressman Jim Hansen (Aug. 10) on the Goshute nuclear waste proposal was a glaring exception.

Ironically, Holt agrees with Hansen that the Goshute proposal is contrary to Utah's best interests. That should have been sufficient. However, she could not resist a chance to attack the congressman personally on totally unrelated issues, which attacks were, in fact, the main focus of her column.

Her assertion that the congressman has switched sides in this debate is a total fabrication. The congressman has always been at the forefront in opposing it on the federal level. It was a Hansen amendment to the Energy and Water Appropriations bill this year that would have prohibited the project altogether. One would think that Holt would have applauded, rather than jeered, his efforts.

The negative impact of the project on the Utah Test and Training Range and ultimately Hill Air Force Base's survival are unacceptable. The waste of taxpayer dollars on this redundant project is also unacceptable.

Unfortunately, Bill Clinton vetoed the bill in large part because of the Hansen language in order to do a political favor for Nevada Democratic Sen. Harry Reid.

Too bad that people like Rosemary Holt can't put aside partisanship long enough to acknowledge that her own Democratic Clinton-Gore administration is the one who's let Utahns down . . . again!

Steven T. Petersen

District director and counsel

for Rep. Jim Hansen, R-Utah