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Tree ‘art’ is blight, burden

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A reinforced concrete structure, faced with ceramic tile, located along an isolated and unpopulated portion of Interstate 80 has suffered damage from the elements and vandalism. The builder is seeking funding to repair and even hopefully maintain the monolith, with the goal of filling significant acreage with other structures to be designed and built by friends who will then abandon them to the same fate.

I object. Whether the "Tree" is art or not, I will leave to the eye of the beholder. I object to the visual intrusion this structure brings to the majesty and stark natural beauty of the vast landscape.

I am not in favor of more attempts to improve the grandeur of the desert vista and then abandoning the projects to the taxpayers to maintain. I object to the fact the state of Utah is the owner and in the bitter end will be responsible to maintain the structure or raze it when time, the elements and, sadly, vandalism have taken their toil.

Please, there must be some other people or state more deserving than Utah for these works of art.

David R. Shorten