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Demo convention a joke

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How impressive for Democrats to have such a backing from Hollywood! I couldn't help but jeer as cheers for tighter gun control came from these actors who promote and act in violent movies.

How nice for Bill Clinton to take credit for the sun rising in the morning and all that is right with America. I don't understand why Al Gore talked about the changes that America needs when according to most Democrats everything is wonderful. The Democratic Convention was an absolute joke.

Make no mistake the incumbent in all his coats of different colors will continue to credit himself for economic prosperity and separate himself from his former boss. Which is it? Let us not forget that Lieberman himself wanted an independent counsel to investigate Mr. Gore on shady campaign finance dealings.

The convention sported Hollywood supporters with egos as large as the Staples Arena. Do they honestly think they will sway my vote?

Citizens should be wary of a party that affiliates itself with such a crowd. Hugh Hefner and his large checks to the party are indicative of the false morality the party claims. How can we forget the "stand by your man" attitude Al Gore demonstrated as America's stud was caught in numerous lies.

Come on, donkeys, show some backbone! Don't let Hollywood take over your party.

Let us bid President Clinton and his gal pals adieu! America is better off this election to be rid of this embarrassing president either way you slice it.

If Al Gore has so many things to change the next four years, I wonder what he has been doing the past eight years?

Nikki Richards