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West Valley police auction puts bidder in hog heaven

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RIVERTON — Dan Giles will forever be a believer in the age-old adage it never hurts to try.

Giles, 41, submitted a bid for one of three Harley-Davidson motorcycles being auctioned off by the West Valley Police Department. The Riverton resident submitted the lowest bid allowed and did not have any expectations of winning.

Giles' bid turned out to be the only one submitted for the entire auction. "I was very surprised. Really surprised," said Giles.

His bid of $14,901 was good enough to buy a 1999 Harley with only 5,700 miles.

"It's basically a brand-new bike," Lt. Steve Sandquist said. "He got a heck of a deal, I'll tell you that."

Sandquist said new Harleys start at $18,000 and most dealers in the valley have a two-year waiting list. On top of that, this is a police bike.

"The public can't buy this," Sandquist said. "It has a different chrome package. Different seat. The saddle bags are different."

Giles, who is a motorcycle enthusiast and already owns nine bikes, said he's happy with his purchase. "This bike is beautiful," he said. "It's an extremely smooth motorcycle. It's very nice."

Because of the auction's poor participation, the police department still has two Harleys sitting in the garage. Sandquist said a local auction company will try to sell the other two. He said the department was considering whether to auction the motorcycles off on e-bay but eventually decided against the idea. Sandquist believes the auction got little response because no one knew about it.

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