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Great ideas for manure, chandeliers

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A continuing compendium of tips and tricks from Home & Garden Television:

Mini chandelier: To add color and charm to a chandelier, use mini lampshades on the bulbs. Decorate the shades with paint, fabric cutouts, gems or beads. — Decorating Cents

Woody tones: Dark tones and woods such as mahogany and cherry create a heavy, conservative atmosphere, whereas light woods and soft colors help make a room rustic and casual. These days, styles can be mixed to add interest to a room, and even dining-room chairs need not be identical. — Decorating With Style

Vanishing trick: Before assembling frame molding, brush a matching stain on the joints' edges to make the seam less noticeable, then use white glue to attach the pieces. It is easier to work with than many heavier-bodied craft glues. — Decorating With Style

Zoo gardeners: The local zoo may offer free manure, and in many cases, a zoo is the most convenient source for urban gardeners. — Gardening by the Yard