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Editor's note: To commemorate the 150th year of continuous publication, The Deseret News is reprinting some of the letters to the editor published through the years.

I have been thinking strongly the past few days about teachers' salaries and the present negotiations to sign teachers for the coming school year.

It appears to me that teachers have a right to work. The Granite Education Association, the Salt Lake Education Association and the UEA have gotten so powerful that the militant leaders of those education associations are holding out for money, which is impossible for us to pay.

Second, let's put into effect a merit system where the very best teachers get the best salary increase, and if a poor teacher does not improve, he gets no salary increase.

Third, if the teachers demand such large salaries for only working nine months a year, then give them a salary increase, but put them to work 12 months a year. The average teacher makes more now than we do in industry 12 months a year.

I say get those teachers back in the classroom. Hire those who will work. Kick out the militants who are causing all the trouble by not offering them contracts. We can find plenty of willing teachers right now, but they are afraid of their union.

M.P. Woodland

Aug. 18, 1970