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Children’s book fits ‘ladybug’ niche

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ELIZA DRESSES UP FOR THE LADYBUG; by Roselyn Kirk; illustrated by Rhonda Seamons; Grandmother Publications, 24 pages; $5.95.

I have a suspicion that my granddaughter, who wears ladybug dresses, shirts and pants, is not alone in her love of the brightly colored beetles. Interest in ladybugs is high among kids, so Salt Lake City's own Roselyn Kirk has found a niche with this delightful book.

Kirk tells a story about a 5-year-old girl named Eliza, who moves from California to London and finds she doesn't like it because ladybugs are hard to find. Especially when it's cold. Her only comfort is a red and white dress with ladybugs all over it — including the buttons. She had a feeling that if she wore the dress she would find a ladybug.

One day her family takes her on a boat on the Thames River. They ride the underground train, called the tube, to the Embankment Station. She finds no ladybugs there, but she keeps looking, even on the boat.

In Greenwich, she looks some more — but no luck.

They climb the hill to see the clock where time is measured, but there are no ladybugs on the steep path. At the Maritime Museum, Eliza persuades her grandma to help her look some more. They search under benches and old cannons, but they find none. Finally, Grandma gets tired and sits on a bench while Eliza keeps looking.

Then she stops and asks herself, "Where would I disappear if I were a ladybug?"

Quickly, she decides she would hide in the flowers. So Eliza and Grandma look in each flowerbed on the way back to the boat. They search under daffodils, climbing rose bushes and tulip beds. But they find no ladybugs.

When they hear the boat horn blowing, they know they have to board.

Just then Eliza finds a ladybug under a huge purple pansy. It was the perfect hiding place.

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