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Greenspan is a survivor

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Midway through the third quarter, the torches were lit and investors did not vote Alan Greenspan off the island. As the drums pounded, Alan held up the idol of the technology gods, crediting them with the increased productivity that drove the low-inflation economic success.

It's 30-Year T-Bond still way out ahead despite a $1,273 loss, and 90-Day T-bill a couple of lengths behind, up $24 to $10,371, stalked by Money Market, up $23 to $10,369.

EE Bond held onto fourth, gaining $22 to $10,357. Lipper Mutual is in mid-pack, earning $282 to $10,196, followed by NASDAQ, earning $422 to $9,643. Blue Chip fell back from sixth to seventh despite a $142 increase to $9,451.

Lipper Internaitonal was able to launch a rally, moving ahead from the last spot to eighth on a $118 gain to $9,062, with Silver several lengths behind, losing $300 to $8,737. Gold brought up the rear, down $679 to $8,431.