Webster's dictionary defines the word "illusion" to mean something that deceives or misleads intellectually. Mitt Romney has gone public with a Salt Lake Organizing Committee plan to compensate Welch and Johnson for their defense costs in return for a release of all claims against SLOC.

Why would anyone not jump and grab this offer? Tom Welch and Dave Johnson would then have the money to prove others within the bid committee and SLOC knew and authorized their conduct, but have lied.

On the other hand, if Welch and Johnson prove that others have lied, caused their indictments and permanently damaged their personal and business reputations before the world, they will have no civil remedy against those who may have lied and breached contractual promises.

Why should Tom Welch and Dave Johnson give those who may have lied incentive and a shield to continue to lie through a release of all claims exacted by SLOC as the price for their defense?

In reality, SLOC's offer is nothing more than a "devil's deal" to help shield those who may have lied from scrutiny and from liability. It leaves the victims with a Hobson's choice: Lose all claims against those who have lied and breached contracts, or risk getting hit with a criminal conviction due to lack of funds for a defense.

Worse yet in either scenario, those who have lied will continue to have incentive to lie. If Welch and Johnson have been falsely accused, then sunlight from a civil action against their false accusers is the best disinfectant for our community and the best remedy for any wrongs.

Thomas Kingsford

Salt Lake City