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Aspen considers car co-op program

SHARE Aspen considers car co-op program

ASPEN, Colo. — In a resort town where ski bums already share bunks, officials are considering a plan for sharing cars as well.

City Councilman Jim Markalunas is pushing the city to explore the concept.

The idea is that if residents of a house can sleep in shifts because of the housing shortage, a similar idea would work to solve the parking problem.

"The idea is simple kind of a car co-op," assistant city manager Randy Ready said Sunday. "A group of people go out and buy a car and share it."

The city's involvement could be as minimal as getting interested participants together or as involved as buying or leasing the vehicles and recouping the cost through fees paid by participants. A pilot program could be the first step, Ready said.

Gavin Seedorf, an intern in the city managers office, is researching how car sharing works in other cities.

"Its a concept that has taken off in Canada and is just now getting started in the United States," according to Ready. "It works great for people who are living in areas where they don't really need a car. Aspen may be such a place."