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Tobacco industry still stinks

SHARE Tobacco industry still stinks

Folks, have you ever seen a more pathetic portrait of hypocritical contrition than the new Philip Morris television commercials? They appear as if written by the Sunday school board on purity and good will.

For a century now, the tobacco industry couldn't care less about the human suffering and economic damage it has caused with its putrid product to hook the public, young and old. Now, only after a long-awaited public renaissance, abetted by a growing number of courageous and ethical judges finding the industry guilty of outright fraud, does it come forth with its supposed good intentions.

"We are changing our ways," it claims. Don't be fooled by any of it. Be assured that the vats are still brim high with nicotine, knowing the foreign markets haven't caught on yet. For most of our lives, we nonsmokers have had to put up with the witless smoker blowing his stench on people in public places with impunity. Now, he is forced to stand outside for his smelly fix, and I just have to smile.

F.M. Johnsen

Salt Lake City