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Graham no advocate for kids

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We hear a lot about Attorney Jan Graham's commitment to children, which she claims is of paramount importance to her, but nothing has changed in eight years. Children living on the fringe of society are in worse shape then ever.

I have a 13-year-old who receives no support whatsoever from his father despite the fact that his father lives in the next county and is obligated by law to help support his (only) child.

About the time Ms. Graham was elected to her first term, several private companies that forced deadbeat parents to pay child support began emerging in Utah. I used one to recover back support. It was only about $500, of which I received about $325 after the company's fee, but I would never have received it without their help.

Shortly thereafter, Ms. Graham forced these companies out of business. She was indignant that they were keeping a substantial portion of the money collected. Now I rely exclusively on the Utah Department of Recovery Services and the state attorneys to collect child support for me. I receive nothing now, but I get to keep all of it.

Thanks, Ms. Graham. You're a tireless advocate for women!

I am a blue-collar worker and put in as much overtime at work as I can to make up for the lack of child support. On a recent Channel 4 interview by Chris Vanocur, Ms. Graham stated proudly that she left her office in the Capitol every afternoon to pick up her son at school.

Her son is 8 years old, so his school probably lets out around 2:30 p.m. She bails out of her office every day to pick up her son while the rest of us are beating ourselves up working to pay the bills, and our kids have to go to day care?

She ought to give the taxpayers who pay her salary an apology and a rebate. If she wants to spend more time with her child, she should quit her job and be a housewife.

Lisa Sweeten

South Salt Lake