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N-waste is manageable

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I have three words for "Utahns need to fight proposed Skull Valley N-waste facility" (July 23): No, they don't.

The article failed to see anything good about disposing of nuclear waste in Utah. The same could be said about most other wastes: Don't bury it in my back yard.

Let's face it. Nuclear power is good. Natural gas power is good. Oil and coal power are good. So are wind and solar power. I supervised engineering in every one of these during my 43-year professional career before retiring to my childhood state, Utah. The simple fact is that we need them all. Each has its problems and limitations. The nation as a whole needs them.

Wake up, people. Our energy future is precarious.

The feds have locked up nearly 80 percent of estimated recoverable natural gas reserves in the Rocky Mountain West. Coal is highly unfavored. We do not allow most offshore oil drilling — or in Alaska. Sixty percent of our transportation fuel is foreign — more than it has ever been — and could be shut off in an instant. Hydro is largely developed, and people want to get rid of some of that.

Wind and solar are useful supplements but, based on my experience, are of limited use. In the long term, nuclear is potentially the most unlimited of all energy alternatives.

The Constitution provides for free flow of commerce among the states. If the East needs nukes and the West is the best place for burying their waste, then that is where the waste should go.

Nuclear waste is manageable. Let's get common sense into this whole matter.

Clinton P. Ashworth