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Why protect destructive TV?

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Are teen pregnancy, abortion and STD political issues? Yes, we know that they are, but a controversy exists if their causes are or are not issues. Media have been among the main teachers for most of the adolescents today. Studies prove that by age 18, an average American teenager will spend more time watching television than learning in a classroom.

Most of the TV shows and movies for teenagers are not good sources of information, but sometimes we ignore them or just classify them as demonstrations of freedom of speech. How come something that is legal can have such catastrophic results?

Another study shows that television has a powerful influence on teenagers' sexual attitudes, values and beliefs. An American teenager will watch nearly 14,000 sexual references per year, very few will talk about birth control, self-control or STD.

On MTV, 75 percent of the videos have sexual imagery. After all the exposure to such material, some teens admit in study that young people have sex because TV shows and movies make it seem normal for teens. This is one the causes of a million pregnant teenagers per year; it costs the United States at least $7 billion annually.

With such studies we have to think, Is it right to let our teenagers be victims of greedy people who call themselves free speakers? Sometimes the impression we have is that the law is protecting the wolf while the sheep are being eaten by it.

Camila Nagata