Following is the full text of the dedicatory prayer for the Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple given by President Gordon B. Hinckley, on Sunday, July 16, 2000.

Almighty God, Thou great Elohim, we bow before Thee in humble and reverent prayer on this solemn day of dedication.

We are met to consecrate unto Thee another temple of the Lord wherein Thy great and eternal purposes concerning Thy sons and daughters may be accomplished.

We have built this, and other temples, in obedience to Thy command, and unto Thee we present this sacred house as our offering, given in love.

Acting in the name of our Divine Redeemer, and in the authority of that priesthood which has come from Thee, we dedicate and consecrate unto Thee and to Thy Beloved Son this the Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

We dedicate the ground on which it stands, that it may be holy and beautiful with the adornment of nature. We dedicate the building in its entirety, from the footings on which it rests to the figure of Moroni atop its steeple, with all of the parts and portions thereof, including the beautiful baptistry, the endowment rooms, the wonderful celestial room, the sealing rooms with their sacred altars, and all of the halls, offices, and other facilities.

May they provide a shelter of peace from the noise and clamor of the world, a refuge in time of distress, a sanctuary where Thy sons and daughters may come to commune with Thee in sacred and solemn prayer.

Save this Thy House from the pollution of the world. May no unholy hand desecrate it or defile it in any way. May no unrighteous tongue speak out against it, but may it be looked upon by all who see it as a house that is holy unto Thee.

Protect it from the ravages of the storms that will beat upon it. Keep it ever secure and inviolate.

Bless those who labor here that they may be crowned with "glory, and honor, and priesthood, and gifts of the priesthood" (D&C 124:95).

Wilt Thou be pleased to honor it with Thy presence, and cause Thy Holy Spirit to dwell here and touch the hearts of all who labor in these sacred precincts.

Grant unto Thy Saints a vision of the great and eternal work for which it has been constructed. May Thy people come here frequently and be refreshed by a knowledge of Thine eternal and everlasting purposes in behalf of Thy children of all generations. Wilt Thou smile upon them from Thy dwelling place on high and cause their thoughts to reach up to Thee and to Thy Beloved Son who, through the gift of His life, brought salvation unto all of Thy sons and daughters, and the opportunity of exaltation to all who walk in obedience to Thy commandments.

We pray that Thou wilt grant strength and vitality to the temple presidency, the matron and her assistants, and to all who serve here in Thy glorious work. May those who come as patrons be edified and be given the assurance of Thine acceptance of all that they do.

We remember before Thee Thy cause and kingdom in all the earth, wherever it may be established. Bless Thy servants who go from this house to teach the doctrines of salvation. Lead them to those who will accept the truth, that Thy kingdom may grow, that faith may increase in the earth, and that Thine everlasting covenant may be established.

O Father, we remember before Thee Thy servants who are called to lead this work in all the earth. Give unto them wisdom and foresight, inspiration and revelation as they serve Thee in righteousness and truth.

We thank Thee for this nation in which this temple stands. It was established by men whom Thou didst raise up unto this very purpose. Thou hast spoken concerning the Constitution of its government. Surely it is a choice land and a favored nation. Prosper the cause of righteousness among its people, that it may remain a land choice above all other lands "with liberty and justice for all."

Now, Beloved Father, we bow before Thee on this day of dedication, and rededicate our lives and all that Thou hast blessed us with to the strengthening of Thy work and the building of Thy kingdom, that we may assist in bringing righteousness upon the land, with glory unto Thee, we humbly pray, in the name of our Redeemer, Thy Beloved Son, even the Lord Jesus Christ, amen.