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Messages of inspiration from President Hinckley

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Be good neighbors

[The Lord] expects we will be good neighbors, kind to others, to those not of our faith; that we will treat them with generosity and love and respect; that when they have troubles, we will reach out to assist them and lift them and help and bless them. Jesus was asked, "What is the first and great law in the kingdom?" And He said, "Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, [might, mind, and soul]. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself." (Matthew 22:37-39.) Now that isn't easy to do; it is not easy to do, but we must work at it, and work at it constantly. We must reach out to assist others, and their respect and appreciation for this Church will grow as we do so. The God of Heaven expects us to be helpful to others, to be good neighbors, to be friends to all within our reach. — From Guam member meeting, Jan. 31, 2000.

Bless those about you

May your children grow in righteousness and faith and beauty and strength and usefulness. May you be happy in your homes. May your prayers be answered. May you be prospered in the land and be generous with that which the Lord gives you and may you bless those about you as you seek to live the gospel. Thank you for your faithfulness. — From Bountiful Utah Mueller Park Stake conference, May 23, 1999.

Don't be a weak link

Life is a great chain of generations that we in the Church believe must be linked together. I fear there will be some broken links. Do not let yourself become such, I pray. Never permit yourself to become a weak link in the chain of your generations. It is so important that we pass on without blemish our inheritance of body and brains; and, if you please, faith and virtue, untarnished to the generations who will come after us. — From BYU devotional, Nov. 30, 1999.

Faithful members of the Church

Whether they be people of means, or whether they be people of very small means, I see tremendous faith — great faith. They contribute to the Church, and they want to see it succeed. There is something tremendous and wonderful about this. It is the enthusiasm which our people have for this Church. They want to do good. They want to see it go forward. They send their sons and daughters on missions. They pay their tithes and offerings. — From Deseret News interview, Feb. 25, 2000.

Gratitude for pioneers

Everybody who lives in the state of Utah, be he Mormon, non-Mormon, Jew, Gentile, whatever, owes a debt of obligation to those who've paid so great a price for the comforts which we enjoy. I am grateful that, with the growing diversity of this state, there is an acknowledgment of that tremendous sacrifice, that terrible price, and the vast good that came from those who laid the foundations of this great state. I will never get over being thankful to them. — From dedication of "Journey's End" Monument, July 4, 1999.

Life after death

I know as surely as anything in this world, that someday I shall die as to the life of this world. But I have an absolute certainty in my heart that I shall go on living and doing good and having the association of my beloved companion and my children. — From Guayaquil, Ecuador, member meeting, July 31, 1999.

Missionary work

Going on a mission is not a duty, it is an opportunity. It is a privilege. It is an obligation, yes, but think of the implications of it. What a great thing it is to be a part of this marvelous work and to move it forward across the earth. It is wonderful. — From Bountiful Utah Mueller Park Stake conference, May 23, 1999.

One great family

We are all part of one great family, sons and daughters of God, who has shown love unspeakable for us in loving us notwithstanding all of our shortcomings. Now let us try to make our Father in Heaven a little more proud of us and let us be a little more loving toward Him through the example of our lives. — From Oahu, Hawaii, regional conference, Jan. 22, 2000.


Thank you for your strength and your faith. You are people who pray, and what a wonderful thing that is to get on your knees every morning and every evening recognizing that you need the help of the Lord in your daily work. I have no fear concerning those who will pray. If people would pray more there would be less trouble in the world. — From Maracaibo, Venezuela, member meeting, Aug. 3, 1999.

Serve well

It really does not matter where you serve, what office you fill. There is no small or unimportant duty in this Church and kingdom of God. One does not have to be a General Authority, a stake president, a member of the high council, a bishop, or a leader in the auxiliary organizations to serve in an acceptable way before the Lord. What matters is the spirit in which we serve and the manner in which we apply our talents and our resources. . . . Is there gladness in our hearts, joy in our lives as we reach out to bless others? — From BYU devotional, Nov. 30, 1999.