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Inflation fears weaken, bonds spurred on

SHARE Inflation fears weaken, bonds spurred on

Where's the inflation? The economy continues to grow, but inflation is missing, splitting analysts' predictions of the Fed's intentions when it meets later this month. Will there be another interest rate hike or will there not? Only Alan Greenspan know for sure, and he's not telling.

Thirty-Year T-Bond increased its lead, up $112, to make our $10,000 bet worth $11,461. Money Market was in second, gaining $12 to $10,335, with 90-Day T-Bill not far behind, adding $11 to $10,333.

EE Bond was mid-pack, up $11 to $10,324, with Lipper Mutual a couple of lengths behind, down $290 to $9,634. Gold moved from seventh to sixth, despite a $60 loss to $9,257, and Silver gained $45 to land in seventh place at $9,110.

Blue Chip rallied, increasing $145 to $9,063 and eighth place, with Lipper International dropping from eighth to ninth, losing $408 to $8,889. NASDAQ brought up the rear, down $789 to $8,765.