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Suspended BYU coed may end up at the U.

SHARE Suspended BYU coed may end up at the U.

PROVO — The Brigham Young University student who was suspended after appearing on MTV's "Real World" may end up at BYU's archrival — the University of Utah.

Julie Stoffer, 21, a business major from Delafield, Wis., was suspended for the fall semester for breaking BYU's honor code. The Mormon Church-owned university prohibits single students from living with members of the opposite sex.

Stoffer lived with four men and two other women in New Orleans during the show's filming, which lasted five months.

She announced last week that she would not go back to BYU and would seek another university.

Her father, Jim Stoffer, said Thursday that he had sent her transcript to Utah and has been in contact with Utah administrators regarding getting a scholarship and transferring credits.

He said someone from the University of Utah called him first.

"They expressed an interest in the heat of all this," he said. "They called and talked to my wife and said, 'Hey, we'd like to have her (Julie) up here.' "

Calls to the University of Utah's financial aid office and public information office were not returned Thursday.

Carri P. Jenkins, BYU spokeswoman, said if Julie Stoffer wants to attend Utah, that's fine and "We wish her well."

Jim Stoffer said he would like his daughter to attend Utah as it would keep her among Mormons.

"At some point, she's going to want to get married, and I'd like to have her find her mate in the church," he said.