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Jacob likes biking, music and Scouts

Boy is bright, but he needs special education classes

SHARE Jacob likes biking, music and Scouts

Jacob is a young man who enjoys riding his bicycle, listening to music and Boy Scouts. He likes to express himself creatively through drawing and working on computers.

Due to abuse and neglect in his birth home, Jacob has been in foster care for several years. He currently resides in a therapeutic foster home. Jacob attends the eighth grade and is performing below grade level. He is a bright young man, but due to behavior problems he needs to be in a special education classroom.

As a result of his abusive past, Jacob has a difficult time forming relationships with adults and his peers. He attends weekly individual and group therapy to address issues of abandonment and anger management. Therapy will need to continue after placement.

Jacob would like to one day have a mother and father. He would do best in a two-parent home with a strong male role model and no other children. Financial assistance may be available for medical care, therapy and purchase of adoption services.

Each week the Deseret News profiles a special-needs child available for adoption through The Adoption Exchange, 1065 E. 3300 South. Anyone interested in a child may call the exchange at 801-412-0200 or e-mail kids@adoptex.org . The Adoption Exchange in connection with the state Division of Child and Family Services also has a Web site www.utdcfsadopt.org featuring waiting children.