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Plant fire brings conservation plea

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HURRICANE — City officials are asking residents to conserve power after the city's power plant — which had operated less than one year — burned Thursday night.

Hurricane Fire Chief Ed Campbell said about one-third of the building suffered heavy damage, mostly to the area where its two generators are located.

Mac Hall, director of public works for the city, said there had been a problem Thursday evening with a turbocharger overheating, and a night shift employee shut the generators down. Hall said, however, that bolts on a smokestack apparently were heated enough to start nearby boards on fire.

The plant went online Dec. 31, 1999.

The generators will be taken to Salt Lake City for testing, Hall said, because there is a good chance the motors are not damaged.

The loss means Hurricane will need to buy power from other companies, but despite that, Hall said Hurricane residents will not see larger power bills.-- "If everyone is cautious, we should make it through OK," he said.