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Williamses lacked respect

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I recently enjoyed the Wimbledon Tennis tournament. The thing I didn't enjoy was the ravings and rantings of Richard Williams and his daughters. It seems they have no respect for Wimbledon and its decorum or for that matter the game of tennis itself. In a recent interview he said he thought it was "disgraceful" that anyone would believe that there was an "arrangement" between the daughters — that it was Venus' turn to win a major.

His interview, language and accusations were the things that were disgraceful. He said that no one would have ever said anything like this about the McEnroes or Everts. As I recall these less talented siblings were never that good. Nothing needed to be arranged. Serena is a great player — but why did she pack up her tent and go home in the semi-final? She had lost only 13 games in her previous five matches. What happened? She couldn't even keep the ball in play — especially at the end of the match. Why did Mr. Williams "badmouth" the other women players on the tour? Does that boost the stature of his daughters?

Are they "bigger" than the game? Maybe bigger than most of the women players — but not the game itself. I sincerely hope over time they will develop some etiquette and continue to do well. But Richard especially needs to cool it and realize that the family is not bigger than the game.

Brent Plowman