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Man steals Oly torch from runner

SHARE Man steals Oly torch from runner

MELBOURNE, Australia — A man snatched the Olympic flame from a torchbearer during the relay Monday and briefly ran with it before being stopped by police.

Police stopped the 19-year-old flame grabber, and security staff immediately returned it to torchbearer Linda Colcott, who continued with her relay leg.

"This guy just came out of the crowd and grabbed it," Colcott told the Associated Press. "I guess I just had time to think, 'What's going on?' " I don't think (anyone) knew what was going on, really."

A torch relay spokeswoman said the man ran from one side of the road to the other and grabbed the torch.

Police said they interviewed him, but had not yet charged him with anything. A police spokesman described his actions as a prank.

The torch landed at Uluru in central Australia in June. The relay was expected to involve 11,000 torchbearers over 100 days before arriving at Stadium Australia in Sydney on Sept. 15 for the opening ceremony.