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West side needs help now

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Mayor Rocky Anderson is correct in that the west side of Salt Lake City is a wonderful and diverse community. The west side of Salt Lake City has been embraced by the different ethnic groups and their wonderful businesses that add to the west side's flare.

Yet something is still missing from the west-side puzzle. Even with these business, space is limited and major retail is lacking. Even more troubling is that they lack appropriate zoning for such retail. Even if retailers were interested in moving to the west side, there are few, if any, areas zoned for such use. With the mayor's push for a bigger and better downtown, it is evident that such a need for the western communities would go unanswered for years to come.

The process for changing such zoning is a long and hard process, meaning that it could take several years before an area's zoning could be changed to a retail zone. Add to this the political process, i.e., downtown merchants, vest-pocket business and political promises, the idea of adding retail zoning to the west side is several years, if not a decade away.

The longer this mayoral administration takes in getting this process started, the longer it will take to meet the needs of its west-side residents. The need is now. The longer we wait, the less likely it will happen.

Michael Steed

Salt Lake City