Usually when I write letters it is to express displeasure about some product or service that I received. This letter, however, is to express appreciation for some excellent service.

While mowing the lawn, my mower broke down. I started calling service shops listed in the yellow pages. The first one had a voice message, asking me to leave a message, which I did (I haven't heard back from them). The second was a real person who told me to bring the mower right down.

When I arrived, I found that the repair facility was a house, with repairs being done on the lawn and in the garage. I told them my need to get the mower back quickly.

In a short time, I received a call that my mower was ready for pickup. When I got it, it was so clean that it looked brand new. And best of all, it ran like it was new. In addition to this fast and good service, the cost was reasonable.

So, thanks to Clement Sales and Service in Bountiful. If I wore a hat, I would take it off to salute them.

Wesley Cox