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Local births

Columbia Ogden Regional Medical Center-

ALEXANDER, Tammi, and OWEN, Jason Bruce, Morgan, boy, July 19.

ALGER, Rachael Marie, and WEAVER, Tom Joseph Jr., Pleasant View, girl, July 25.

BEAUMONT, Amber Dawn and Gary Stephen, Riverdale, girl, July 22.

CARRANZA, Alma and Leopolda, Ogden, boy, July 21.

ESTRADA, Maria and Nicholas, Ogden, boy, July 19.

GALLOWAY, Kami and Jeffrey, Harrisville, boy, July 20.

HAZEN, Tamara and Jeremy, Roy, boy, July 25.

JENSEN, Sandra Louise and Rodney Evan, Ogden, girl, July 24.

MILLER, Angella and Jeff Leland, Washington Terrace, girl, July 21.

NEWELL, Melissa and Russell Dale Jr., Harrisville, girl, July 19.

PERINI, Jill and Adam, Clearfield, boy, July 20.

SMITH, Jennifer Jade, and BINGHAM, Justin, Ogden, girl, July 24.

SPEECHLY, Megan and Slade, Ogden, boy, July 19.

THURGOOD, Shannon and Robert Landon, Clearfield, girl, July 20.

TURLEY, Suzanne and Scott Jared, Ogden, boy, July 19.

UTRERA, Myrna, and BAZAN, Jose Luis, Ogden, girl, July 21.

VALENZUELA, Gloria, and MARTINEZ, Felix, Ogden, girl, July 19.

WELTMER, Camille Dawn and Ronald Lee Jr., Stockton, girl, July 25.

WILLEY, Danelle and Todd Spencer, Farmington, boy, July 22.

WOOD, Angela and Mark Rockwood, Ogden, girl, July 20.

Cottonwood Hospital-

BAGLEY, Donna and Darell, West Jordan, boy, July 28.

CARROLL, Joy and Stephen, Salt Lake City, boy, July 29.

CUMMINS, Debbie and Jon, Francis, girl, July 28.

DELTORO, Tarina and Rene, Midvale, boy, July 30.

GRAHAM, Kayti and Blaine, Salt Lake City, girl, July 28.

JENSEN, Robyn and Jens, West Jordan, girl, July 28.

KING, Tamara and Roger, West Jordan, girl, July 28.

LATIMER, Sheila and Brigham, Salt Lake City, girl, July 31.

LEE, Angela and Adrian, Salt Lake City, boy, July 29.

MACGREGOR, Amy and Shaw, Salt Lake City, boy, July 28.

MONTGOMERY, Tanya and Jon, Salt Lake City, boy, July 31.

NIEMANN, Sarah and Arthur, Salt Lake City, boy, July 29.

OLSEN, Amanda and Brandon, Salt Lake City, boy, July 29.

PORTER, Rena and Jon, Salt Lake City, boy, July 29.

RIVERA, Christina, Sandy, boy, July 30.

ROBINSON, Julia and Vaughn, Murray, boy, July 28.

ROYLANCE, Kristen, Salt Lake City, girl, July 30.

SIMS, Melody and Layne, West Jordan, boy, July 28.

SMITH, Rhiana, and McCARTY, Travis, Salt Lake City, girl, July 28.

VANBERCKELAER, Angela and William, West Valley City, boy, July 30.

WILLIAMS, Jamie and Joseph, Murray, girl, July 29.

WINTER, Janna and Richard, Salt Lake City, boy, July 28.

WOOLSEY, Tracy and Shane, Riverton, boy, July 30.

Davis Hospital and Medical Center-

ASHMENT, Jacque and Quincey, Layton, girl, July 31.

BEDOYA, Bridget Ann and BEDOYA-CAVERO, Juan, Daniel, Layton, boy, July 26.

BELL, Lisa and Shawn, Syracuse, boy, Aug, 2.

BRADBURY, Stephanie and Collin, Clearfield, boy, July 29.

BRADLEY, Deyette and Gary, South Weber, girl, Aug. 2

BROOKS, Noelle, and FUHRIMAN, Andrew, Mantua, girl, Aug. 1.

BUSH, Andrea and Steven James Sr., Layton, girl, Aug. 2.

COLBERT, Julie and Michael, Taylorville, girl, July 31.

CROUCH, Heidi and Justiin, Morgan, boy, July 26.

FREEMAN, Kaye and Scott Ernest, Layton, girl, July 26.

GONZALES, Christian Heather and Daniel, Tovar, Hill AFB, boy, July 27.

HILL, Amber and Gary Richard, Farmington, girl, July 26.

HOLLIDAY, Carol Beth and Mark S., Layton, girl, July 27.

HOVINGH, Kendra and Nicholas, Hill AFB, boy, July 27.

KING, Julie Louise and Mel Darrell, Layton, girl, July 27.

KING, Sandra and Kevin, Layton, girl, July 28.

KNOWLES, Susan and James Brett, Layton, boy, July 27.

LAPPI, Teresa and Joseph Allen Sr., Clinton, girl, July 31.

LEE, Peggy and Michael, Hill AFB, boy, Aug. 2.

McGREGOR, Amanda and Shaun, Syracuse, boy, July 27.

PREECE, Rebecca and Chirstopher, Clearfield, girl, Aug. 2.

REEVES, Erica Kaye, Layton, boy, Aug. 2.

ROYLANCE, Leslie and Matthew, Syracuse, boy, July 28.

RUIZ, Sandra and Joel, Roy, girl, July 28.

RUIZ-CALES, Nancy Caroline, Sunset, boy, July 31.

SAVOY, Brenda, and IVEY, Sheldon, Hill AFB, boy, July 26.

SESSIONS, Heidi and Timothy, Clearfield, girl, July 31.

SHEFFIELD, Tina Lee and John Sherman, Kaysville, boy, July 26.

SHULER, Susan and Michael, Ogden, boy, Aug. 1.

SIMONTON, Tammy and Doug, Riverdale, boy, July 27.

SPONAUGLE, Kaija and Benjamin, Clearfield, girl, July 26.

WAGGONER, Tina LaNetta and Richard Louis, Clearfield, girl, July 26.

WARNER, Jennifer and Clark, Ogden, boy, July 27.

WEAVER, Heather and Andrew Cameron, Bountiful, girl, July 31.

Jordan Valley Hospital-

BOWLES, Shannon and Brian, Herriman, girl, July 25.

GERLACH, Tina Ann and Matthew, West Valley City, boy, July 24.

HAWKES, Kymberly Gale Kendrick James, Tooele, boy, July 26.

HENDRICKS, Desiree and Robert McLean, Murray, girl, July 25.

HOGAN, Jacqueline Shalom and Christopher Allen, Taylorsville, boy, July 25.

LARSEN, Marci and Christopher S., West Valley City, girl, July 24.

LEWIS, Nicol E. and Kyle E., Kearns, girl, July 26.

MACE, Amanda, and MILES, Kevin Coby Jr., Kearns, girl, July 25.

OLSEN, Brandy Jo and Cory Robert, West Jordan, boy, July 24.

PAYNE, Lisa Ann, and ANDERSON, Brian Darrel, West Jordan, boy, July 25.

REAGAN, Polly and Patrick Sean, South Jordan, girl, July 26.

SPARKS, Laura Ann and Steven Nolan, West Valley City, boy, July 24.

THORNLEY, Liesl Graye and Paul William, Taylorsville, girl, July 25.

LDS Hospital-

CHILES, Kelli and Jeremy, Bountiful, boy, July 26.

DOUGLAS, Cassie and David, Salt Lake City, boy, July 26.

EYRE, Amy and Shane, Salt Lake City, girl, July 26.

NELSON, Melanie and Darby, Salt Lake City, boy, July 26.

OSTLER, Ann and Steven, Salt Lake City, boy, July 26.

RASMUSSEN, Theresa and R. Calvin, West Jordan, boy, July 26.

RICHARDSON, Shanna and Chad, Salt Lake City, boy, July 26.

SHEEN, Julie and Robert, West Jordan, girl, July 26.

TOPHAM, Mikah and Ryan, Clearfield, boy, July 26.

WEIGHT, Deonna and Alan, Salt Lake City, girl, July 26.

McKay-Dee Hospital-

BOWES,Josepha and Kevin, Ogden, boy, July 24.

BUTLER, Cristi and Travis Jay, Roy, girl, July 20.

CASILLAS, Guadalupe, and DIAZ, Fernando, Layton, boy, July 25.

DANA, Terri and Robert, Roy, girl, July 23.

HAVEY, Jana Lynn and Scott Raymond, Ogden, girl, July 24.

HAWKINS, Joylynn, Ogden, girl, July 25.

KRAFT, Tatum, and WARREN, Matthew, South Ogden, boy, July 22.

LARSEN, Rebecca Ann and Bruce Darrell, Ogden, boy, July 23.

MAXFIELD, Marinda and Darren, Layton, boy, July 23.

MEDINA, Alisha and Benjamin, Clearfield, boy, July 21.

MICKELSEN, Jennifer and Richard, Plain City, boy, July 24.

MUIR, Juliette and Aaron A., Ogden, girl, July 25.

NAYLOR, Stephanie and Corey, Ogden, boy, May 9.

NUTLEY, Amber, and GENTRY, Adam, Ogden, girl, July 25.

PETERSEN, Wendy and Timothy W., Ogden, girl, July 25.

PONT, Laura, Ogden, girl, July 25.

POULSEN, Trista, and ANDERSON, Roger, Roy, girl, July 25.

RASMUSSEN, Stacie Lee and Matthew J., Ogden, girl, July 22.

RHEAD, Tiffany and Jeremy, Clearfield, boy, July 23.

RUNYAN, Shawnda Lynn and Kent A., North Ogden, boy, July 24.

STEED, Kim and Gary, Farr West, boy, July 24.

VASQUEZ, Severa H. and Fredrico, Ogden, boy, July 24.

Mountain View Hospital-

AGUIRRE-SOBERO, Tonia and Carlos, Spanish Fork, boy, July 20.

ALLEN, Heidi Kay and Bradley Orin, Holden, boy, July 26.

BOWMAN, Brittanie and Whitney Richard, Provo, girl, July 19.

DAVIDSON, Taraca and Andrew Tyrone, Nephi, boy, July 22.

FLINDERS, Rachel andn Jason Marshall, Spanish Fork, boy, July 19.

HANKS, Janel and Randy, Payson, girl, July 20.

HOLT, Holly Marie and Cyrus Kirk, Springville, girl, July 25.

JAMISON, Angela and Branden Lee, Payson, girl, July 19.

PAYNE, Stephanie and Scott Partridge, Spanish Fork, girl, July 19.

POWERS, Lisa Anne and Todd, Spanish Fork, girl, July 26.

QUAYLE, Angie and Lorin, Spanish Fork, girl, July 25.

SANDOVAL, Areli and Daniel, Payson, girl, July 19.

VOORHEES, Susan and Brent, Spanish Fork, boy, July 21.

WILSON, Jennifer Joy and Shawn Herbert, Payson, boy, July 20.

Orem Community Hospital-

ADAIR, Crystal Mable and Arthur Kyle, Monticello, girl, July 10.

BARTLETT, Rhonda Leigh and Geoffrey David, Provo, boy, July 3.

FRANKE, Jennifer and Aaron, Orem, girl, July 10.

GINES, Deborah and Scott, Pleasant Grove, boy, July 10.

GRIFFIN, Donna and Morris, Spanish Fork, boy, July 6.

HARLOW, Tammy and Jared, Springville, boy, July 8.

HEAD, Alysa Lenn, and CROMBIE, Ian Ricardo, Orem, boy, July 7.

HUNT, Heather Lois and Aaron Russell, Orem, boy, July 6.

KARNS, Ginger, Pleasant Grove, girl, July 3.

LARSEN, Shelby and Jonathan Joseph, Orem, girl, July 5.

LEE, Alexandra and Jonathan, Provo, boy, July 8.

LEETHAM, Shannon and Daren, Orem, boy, July 6.

McCORMICK, Julie Ann and Michael Shaun, Provo, boy, July 9.

McINELLY, Camille and Jared Chet, Provo, girl, July 3.

NELSON, Michele and Shawn, Orem, girl, July 10.

PARCELL, Jennifer Leigh and Nicholas Martin, Springville, boy, July 4.

PUGMIRE, Heidi and Steven Lionel, Lindon, girl, July 8.

QUINN, Mechelle, and JOHNSON, Christopher Fred, Provo, boy, July 3.

ROMNEY, Stacey Kim and Robert Wayne, Santaquin, boy, July 6.

SEAMONS, Amy Ellen, and HECKENLIABLE, David Todd, Orem, girl, July 6.

SEOLAS, Valerie and Robert, Provo, girl, July 10.

STRATFORD, Megan and Seth, Provo, boy, July 10.

SUGGS, Melanie and Nathan Lucas, Provo, girl, July 5.

TURNER, Jill Elizabeth and Chad Caldwell, Springville, boy, July 5.

WILLIAMS, Janae Alene and Jason James, Eagle Mountain, girl, July 8.

WIRTHLIN, Wendy and John Alma, Orem, boy, July 10.

YANCEY, Aleece and Jason Edward, Provo, boy, July 4.

Pioneer Valley Hospital-

GARIBAY, Valentina and Oscar, Taylorsville, girl, July 31.

LEWIS, Wendy and Mark, Riverton, boy, Aug. 1.

ORTEZ, Laura, and ROSENBAUM, Roberto, Kearns, twins, girl and boy, Aug. 1.

ROBERTS, Andrea and Art, Taylorsville, girl, July 29.

WILKINS, Leanna and Ryan, West Valley City, boy, July 28.

Salt Lake Regional Medical Center-

ANDERSON, Sarrah and Jason Dewey, West Valley City, girl, July 23.

BARNES, Jennifer and Zachary, Holladay/Cottonwood, girl, July 25.

BRYAN, Rebecca Ann and Jason David, Layton, girl, July 23.

CHAE, Min Jeoung and Su Young, Salt Lake City, girl, July 24.

CRANE, Carolyn and Michael Todd, West Jordan, girl, July 26.

DAINES, Tearsa and Brent, Centerville, boy, July 24.

DALTO, Charlene and Joseph Desmond, Bountiful, boy, July 22.

FENTON, Natalie Krista and Travis Alan, Draper. twins, two girls, July 23.

GARCIA, Margaret and Daniel Vincent, Salt Lake City, girl, July 22.

GARHAM, Tayna Lynn and Jeffrey Lee, Tooele, boy, July 26.

GORDON, Kimberly and Peter John, Woods Cross, boy, July 25.

GUYMON, Shonie and Jeffrey, Stansbury Park, boy, July 25.

HARDY, Shilo and Eric Duane, West Valley City, boy, July 22.

MAXFIELD, Ellen Audrey and Nalin Cordell, Salt Lake City, boy, July 22.

OTERO, Maria, and CUELLO, Robert, Salt Lake City, boy, July 24.

PRICE, Tiffany and Clinton Heath, West Valley City, girl, July 22.

RICKERS, Alicia Marie, and PRECIADO, Steve, Salt Lake City, girl, July 23.

THAYER, Mary and Stephen Vincent, Murray, girl, July 23.

YAZZIE, Tracey Marie, and BEGAYE, Courtney, Salt Lake City, boy, July 26.

St. Mark's Hospital-

BARNUM, Angela and Benjamin Scott, Murray, girl, July 30.

BEAGLEY, Wendy Lynn and Melvin David, West Jordan, girl, July 30.

CLAWSON, Julie and John, Salt Lake City, girl, July 28.

DUPAIX, Rebecca and Trenton Lee, Salt Lake City, boy, July 30.

FENTON, Margo Marie and John Forrest, Park City, girl, July 29.

FINDLAY, Kristie Anne and Joseph Merlin, West Valley City, boy, July 30.

FOX, Luewanda, Salt Lake City, girl, July 28.

GOFF, Shoni Jo and Craig John, Murray, boy, July 30.

HOLT, Amber Marie and Harry Ivan, West Jordan, boy, July 29.

JONES, Natalie and Christopher Michael, Draper, boy, July 29.

LAMETH, Natasha, and TORRES, Aurelianno, Salt Lake City, girl, July 30.

MANCIA, Lindsey and Gorge Humberto, West Valley City, boy, July 29.

McBRIDE, Nancy Sue and Tadd M., Riverton, girl, July 30.

PERKINS, Phyllis and Ray, Salt Lake City, girl, July 25.

RIVERA, DeAnn and Lucas, Salt Lake City, boy, July 30.

RODGERS, Tamara and Michael, Salt Lake City, boy, July 29.

STEEN, Jennifer Dawn, and LEHEW, Cory, Salt Lake City, girl, July 29.

VAHLBERG, Angela and Timothy, West Valley City, girl, July 30.