SAN DIEGO (AP) — The New York Times, The Washington Post and other news companies are suing an Internet company that takes news articles from their Web sites and transmits them to wireless telephone users.

The founder of the company,, defended the service, saying he is neither earning money from the content nor violating copyrights. pulls the stories from the publishers' own Web sites and displays it, 160 words at a time, on the phone's screens, according to the lawsuit filed June 28 in federal court in New York.

The service presently is available only in California and only to customers of Pacific Bell on a wireless phone technology called global system for mobile communication, or GMS, the suit says.

The plaintiffs include New York Times Co., Washington Post Co., Gannett Co. Inc. and the Cable News Network unit of Time Warner Inc.

The suit alleges that is infringing on copyrights and trademarks as well as providing false advertising and unfairly competing against the publishers' own Internet sites.

GoSMS, based in San Diego, was started a year ago by its chief executive, Yuval Golan, who had a similar operation in Israel.

"We are justified to take information for limited-display devices, considering the limitations," Golan told the Los Angeles Times. Golan didn't return a call placed to his business after working hours Tuesday.