SAN JOSE, Costa Rica — A day after a small plane crashed near Costa Rica's Pacific coast, rescuers found five passengers who survived, the Red Cross said Thursday. The pilot, co-pilot and a sixth passenger died in the Wednesday crash.

Brandy and Brandon Wiley of Colorado and Silke Friedbold, a German living in Costa Rica, were in stable condition with minor injuries, said Jorge Cortes, medical director at the clinic where they were being treated.

In a telephone interview, Brandon Wiley told Denver's KCNC-TV that he regained consciousness in a pouring rain, amid plane debris and fuel fumes.

"It's unbelievably lucky that we're even alive," he said.

He said Brandy Wiley helped him and others out of the wreckage. They used clothes as bandages.

The other two survivors — Alvaro Zuniga, a Costa Rican, and Michael Packard of New York City — were in serious condition.

The SANSA airlines plane crashed shortly before it was to land in the coastal town of Quepos, about 30 miles south of San Jose.