Stemming the tide

The week after Christmas is pretty eventful for BYU athletics.

The men's basketball team plays Cal State-Northridge and Southern Utah. Meanwhile, the football team plays New Year's Eve in the Liberty Bowl.

But the real game of the week?

Guessing which team gives up more points.

Forgotten dreams

The father of a 15-year-old basketball player in Union City, Calif., is suing the school district for $1.5 million. The reason: His son was "unfairly" cut from the basketball team, thus hindering future NBA earnings.

Come to think of it, I should have sued my high school for that D in Algebra II.

It hindered my future earnings as a sports agent.

Party central

Bowl season — a great way to watch football and at the same time visit an exotic location.

For instance, Clemson and Louisiana Tech. They're going to the Humanitarian Bowl in Boise.

Imagine touring the Microsoft and J.R. Simplot plants. Visiting the home of Albertson's. Checking out the factory outlet mall.

Why, there's even a Chili's.

Does the fun never end?

Aim low

That New Orleans Bowl ought to be a winner, too: 5-6 North Texas vs. 6-5 Colorado State.

What do you think the North Texas coach told his team at the start of the season? "Let's go 5-6 and get invited to the New Orleans Bowl"?

No wonder they call it The Big Easy.

Oscar watch

Starzz assistant coach Tammi Reiss apparently has a part in an upcoming movie called "Juwanna Mann."

Reports say the film has Reiss playing a "hoochie-mama" — a slang term for questionable women who hang around pro athletes.

The film involves a cross-dressing player who is banned from the NBA, only to join the WNBA.

And I thought nothing could top the depth and emotion of "Space Jam."

Wee bit o' Ireland

Georgia Tech's George O'Leary is the new Notre Dame football coach.

Gotta admit, it has a nice ring: the Fighting Irish with a coach named O'Leary.

I understand he plans on hiring Darby O'Gill as his offensive coordinator.

Out of the pan

Towson State basketball player Tamir Goodman says he won't play for the school again, as long as Michael Hunt is the coach.

Goodman claims Hunt threatened him with a chair and kicked a stool against his leg.

Time for a transfer.

May I suggest Texas Tech?