Law enforcers are as well-trained and as well-prepared for the Olympics as the athletes themselves.

That was the message FBI Director Robert S. Mueller gave during a brief meeting with reporters in Salt Lake City this week.

Mueller said he was "extremely impressed with the dedication and resolve" that has been put in by federal, state and local officials to make the 2002 Games safe. He said he is confident the plan set forth by the Utah Olympic Public Safety Command is sound and has been properly adjusted since the events of Sept. 11.

Every component of security was looked at after Sept. 11, Mueller said. If additional resources were needed to close off any potential holes, it was given.

But as of Wednesday, Mueller said, "There have been no specific threats to the Olympics that we're aware of."

Utah Public Safety Commissioner Robert Flowers, who also oversees Utah's integrated security efforts for the 2002 Winter Games, said he had two meetings with Mueller. He said Mueller was pleased with the current security plan and did not make any specific recommendations for changes.

"Our plans are good and we'll continue what we're doing," Flowers said.

Despite the continuing reassurance by officials that the Olympics will be safe, Flowers said he realized there will still be members of the public who have their doubts. "The problem we have is making people feel comfortable without giving away any secrets," he said. "We've done everything we can do to put together a solid plan. There's been no expense spared for security."

Nothing will go into a venue without Olympic security knowing about it, Flowers said.

One of the most important aspects of security at the Olympics will be the ability to gather real-time intelligence, Mueller said. He is confident the intelligence gathering capability for the Olympics will be second to none.

About 7,000 law enforcers from 80 different agencies will work together in February to make the Olympic venues and the areas surrounding the venues safe. The level of security around the venues is comprehensive and will extend into the immediate area, Mueller said.