CLEVELAND — Cleveland Browns fans pelted the field with plastic beer bottles and garbage Sunday after an overturned call in the final minute helped the Jacksonville Jaguars to a 15-10 win.

The Jaguars had to dodge flying objects — including full beer bottles — as they sprinted off the field. Officials were doused with beer and cups of ice.

A few fans tried to run on the football field but were caught by security.

"I've never seen a game, heard of a game anything like this," Browns coach Butch Davis said.

The rowdy behavior came after Browns quarterback Tim Couch had apparently completed a fourth-down pass to wide receiver Quincy Morgan with 1:08 remaining, giving Cleveland a first down at the Jacksonville 9 yard line.

With no timeouts and 48 seconds to go, Couch then spiked the ball and was headed to the sideline when officials began discussing Morgan's catch. After several confusing minutes, officials reviewed the pass play and announced that Morgan, who was bobbling the ball as he fell to ground, did not catch it.

As Cleveland's bench erupted in protest, Browns fans in the "Dawg Pound" bleacher section closest to the play hurled objects.

The Jaguars moved away from their bench to avoid getting hit, officials announced the game was over.

But while both teams were in the locker room, NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue ordered the officiating crew to have the final 48 seconds played. Nearly 30 minutes later, Cleveland's defense and Jacksonville's offense came out of the locker room.

About 5,000 fans were in the stadium to see Jacksonville quarterback Mark Brunell take two snaps and run out the clock. As Jacksonville was huddling, a thrown bottle barely missed wide receiver Keenan McCardell.

The Jaguars were escorted off the field, surrounded by Browns players and Cleveland police.