The Internal Revenue Service issues non-work numbers to individuals for tax purposes, but the numbers are printed on cards clearly marked that they are not valid for employment, unlike Social Security numbers. However, an individual can easily lift a non-work number from his or her tax ID card and transfer it to a forged Social Security card.

Employers who are not vigilant in verifying Social Security numbers could find themselves with undocumented or illegal employees.

"It's not any easier to get a (Social Security or non-work) number in Utah than it is anywhere else," said Doug Smith, public-affairs specialist for the Denver regional office of the Social Security administration. "(People) are obtaining a non-work number, but what they do with it is the problem."

However in Utah, the Driver's License Division requires a Social Security number or non-work number to receive a license, which officials say could prompt some individuals to forge numbers or cards.

"Our folks are pretty good at detecting those," said Bart Blackstock, the acting deputy director for Utah's Driver License Division. "It's not easy to slide one of those by us."