BOSTON — Reform Judaism's synagogue union praised President Bush's leadership since Sept. 11 while urging him to preserve civil liberties during the war on terror.

The Union of American Hebrew Congregations, representing more than 900 liberal synagogues, issued the resolution at its biennial conference.

The union praised Bush as a model of service and tolerance for trying to protect innocent civilians in U.S. airstrikes and for condemning "our homegrown fundamentalists," specifically the Rev. Jerry Falwell.

Falwell had said God allowed terrorists to attack America because of the work of civil liberties groups, abortion rights supporters and feminists, though he later apologized. Through a spokesman, Bush called Falwell's remarks inappropriate.

On civil liberties, Rabbi Eric Yoffie, the union's president, said, "Let's not breach the Constitution in ways we will later regret."

The conference also reaffirmed support for a Palestinian state with recognition of Israel's right to self-defense.

"Today Israelis want, and deserve, to be reassured that America's fight against terror is determined and universal" and that it opposes terrorist murders in Israel as well as at home, the document stated.

Other resolutions rejected private school voucher aid, urged Reform Jews to give more to their own religious schools and condemned religious persecution in China.