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Where was liberal outrage when Clintons were in power?

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The "lite" rock radio personality, who knows the best margaritas in town or how much to subtract from a weigh-in while wearing Doc Martens, found, after years of Clinton adoration, Margaret Carlson's column in Time and her road to Damascus. Carlson's list of the Clintons' parting assaults on decency moved her to outrage: Marc Rich's pardo, (a fleeing felon with renounced U.S. citizenship whose ex-wife, Denise, gave a million to the Dems, $70,000 to Hillary's campaign and $7,375 in furniture to the Clintons), $190,000 in dishes from Steven Spielberg and Ted Danson et al., $700,000 tab for Bill's new Manhattan office digs, and stripping Air Force One down to the crest.

Enough already with the Clintons. We on the "extreme right" find these antics but a 3 on Clinton Richter scandal scale. So Hil took $8 mil for a book. To my new comrades of punditry, including Margaret, the Washington Post, the New York Times and airhead DJs: Clinton shenanigans are old news.

There are two lessons for them in their bends-producing reality descent. First, there has been a comfortable disregard of facts via the "extreme right" label. This facile dismissal is dangerous. Paying tribute to facts is a good skill in opinion formulation.

"Extreme right" means "idiots" or, for the more continental, "les incompetent." Slap that label on and no further thought is needed. A Nexis search of the past 60 days found 399 uses of the term "extreme right," mostly in John Ashcroft stories.

By contrast, Nexis showed only 107 mentions of "far left" or "extreme left," with "far" being more frequent than "extreme." Interestingly, the "extreme right" uses were in the articles' texts.

The shock lefties presently experience is not, however, simply a function of their dismissal of all that is "extreme right." There is one more lesson for the crestfallen Clintonites: Never surrender principle for power or integrity for victory.

Outrage from the left emerges now as the Clintons exit, with rock star encores. Lefties have been silent lo these many years. It took flatware and a $1,560 soup tureen to get their dander up. They belittled us for demanding accountability for perjury and fraud.

Where were they when we discovered Hillary the novice commodities trader had parlayed $1,000 into $100,000 through the slot machines of investment — cattle futures? Where were they when Mr. Clinton had his way with an intern and a cigar and lied about it?

Out here in the extreme right we are exhausted. We need a Clinton respite. No more Clinton bashing, no more weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth. The long national nightmare is over.

While we appreciate the distraction your outrage has provided — allowing John Ashcroft to slip through and W to look positively regal next to the looting hicks — we wish to move onward, and more importantly, upward.

Marianne M. Jennings is a professor of legal and ethical studies at Arizona State University. Her e-mail address is mmjdiary@aol.com