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Why is creationism hidden?

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If one were to travel the Colorado Plateau without preconceived ideas, he would see everywhere evidence of a gigantic flood. He would see watermarks on canyon walls thousands of feet apart. He would see where plains have been washed out, leaving remnants now isolated buttes or mesas such as at Monument Valley. The processes of erosion operating on those buttes today are turning them into hills, not making more buttes.

Fossils that are found were obviously buried in a flood. If not, they would have rotted away and left no evidence of their existence. Rocks are laid down in strata as if a giant wave had deposited mud that became shale, sand that became sandstone, then a forest that became coal, etc. With tidal action, these materials could have been deposited daily. At the end of the flood, the water would rush off the land through the still soft sediments, leaving the giant canyons and buttes.

Elsewhere, this same thing can be seen. Most rivers are in channels many times bigger than the present river occupies, yet at the same time the rivers are flowing on top of hundreds of feet of sediment. The river can't both carve out a channel and deposit sediment, but a giant flood could wash out a canyon, leaving a slower, smaller river to deposit sediments.

The same people who tell us there was no giant flood also tell us that life came about by accident. A big explosion caused atoms, suns, galaxies and DNA, cells, and people. They argue against faith and God, but how much faith does it take to believe that the whole universe was once compressed into an area the size of a pinhead and through a big bang became what we see today?

Every living cell is more complex than all that is going on in Salt Lake Valley. All the water, electrical, sewer and gas systems, as well as the roads, houses and activities of all the people going on at once is no more complex than what goes on in a single cell of your body. Yet they would have you believe that it all came together by chance or mutations even though they know that mutations only produce harm.

All living things today or in the fossil record are complex and fully developed. There are no links or gradual changes between different types of organisms. If we find a fossil tyrannosaurus, it's a tyrannosaurus. It's not partway to becoming something else. If any change takes place within an organism, it is within the parameters of that organism's original DNA.

This introduction brings me to my point. Everywhere the doctrine of evolution is taught without a word about creation or Noah's flood. Libraries and bookstores [even at BYU] have many titles refuting creationism but none propounding it. How is one to get both sides of the issue? Many of us believe in a creation and a worldwide flood, but in teaching science, we pretend it didn't happen. Wouldn't it be better to believe the word of God rather than the doctrines of men?

Dennis Dalley

South Jordan