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Don’t close any S.L. schools

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Kudos to the Salt Lake City Board of Education for not making a decision on school closures. The longer they delay, the longer my kids' school will stay open and the happier I'll be. I can live with the anxiety of having this drag on for years and years.

Why are we talking about closing schools, anyway? So all of our children can be crammed into a few equally overcrowded facilities? Salt Lake City School District has already taken our money, in the form of a $138 million bond, to build new schools where they're needed and rebuild or retrofit all the existing schools. So let's do it!

And let's get serious about promoting public-school choice. Most parents don't even know it exists, and they're usually thrilled to find out about it. Naysayers claim that poor folks who would benefit most from public-school choice don't have the transportation to make it feasible. Well, shoot. If poor folks can't transport their kids to a public school outside their neighborhood, how are they going to use their $1,500 tax credit to get their kids to a private school outside their neighborhood?

Public-school choice is the best tool we have for filling our schools, encouraging excellence and providing equal access to educational opportunities. Let's keep all our schools open and give it a chance.

MaryBeth J. Clark

Salt Lake City