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Murderer awaits sentence for killing teen couple

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WASHINGTON (AP) — A man rejected by a girl he wanted to date and embarrassed by her boyfriend was convicted Friday of murdering the popular teenage sweethearts in a shooting that followed a fight at a high school basketball game.

Carlton Blount, 20, could be sentenced to as long as two life terms in prison for the murders last February of Andre Wallace and Natasha Marsh, both 17 at the time, high school seniors looking forward to college. She was an honor student, he a football co-captain at Washington's Wilson High School. Blount was expelled from the same school in 1997.

Evidence showed that Wallace pummeled Blount in a fistfight Feb. 8, 2000, at a basketball game after Blount insulted Marsh. Later, prosecutors said, Blount fatally shot Wallace, then turned the gun on Marsh and fired repeatedly at close range.