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Caption only: Miraculous recovery for frozen toddler

SHARE Caption only: Miraculous recovery for frozen toddler

A 13-month-old girl who wandered outside in her diaper in subzero weather rests in the pediatric intensive care unit at the University of Alberta Hospital in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Sunday. She was found virtually frozen, face down in the snow, but appears to have survived the ordeal without brain damage, her doctor says. The toddler had stopped breathing and had no vital signs when she arrived at the hospital early Saturday. The child's toes were frozen together and paramedics who responded to her mother's frantic call had trouble getting a breathing tube into the child's throat because her mouth was frozen shut. Her heart stopped beating for some time, doctors said, and her body temperature was 60.8 degrees when she was found. "I think to be fair I'm using the miracle word now," Dr. Allan De Caen.