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A glossary of political code words

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Political expressions that have gained popularity since the Bush administration took power, and their translations, as well as catch-phrases used by former presidents and their opponents:

Faith-based institutions: used by the Bush administration to refer to religious groups that could get federal tax money to help deliver services to the poor.

Charitable choice: an umbrella phrase to cover the government's use of "faith-based institutions" to deliver services.

ANWAR: the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska, sometimes referred to by its acronym ANWR, where the Bush administration wants to explore for oil and natural gas.

Opportunity scholarships: federal money to be used by low-income families to send children to schools of their choice, also known as "vouchers."

Past phrases of note:

Lend-lease: used by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt to provide weapons to England when such activity was banned.

Social Security: A catchy phrase developed during Roosevelt's administration to cover federal pensions for older Americans.

Rolling readjustment: what President Eisenhower instructed his team to use in preference to "recession."

Star Wars: Sen. Edward Kennedy's phrase to describe — and ridicule — the space-based anti-missile system that President Reagan called the Strategic Defense Initiative.

Don't ask, don't tell: Clinton administration policy that allowed officers to look the other way on homosexuals' serving in the military so long as gays keep their sexual orientation to themselves. The Bush administration has not made clear its position on the policy.

Third way: Catch phrase for a new kind of centrist politics practiced by the Clinton administration, blending elements from both sides of the aisle.