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Miami mayor spends night in jail after being charged with battery

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MIAMI — Mayor Joe Carollo spent the night in jail despite his wife's efforts to convince authorities that her husband didn't wish to hurt her when he hit her in the head with a tea canister.

Maria Ledon Carollo, 42, told police her husband struck her in the head with a terra-cotta canister Wednesday. Carollo, 45, was charged with simple battery.

Carollo spent the night at the North Dade Detention Center in a 6-by-6-foot windowless cell, said Janelle Hall, a Miami-Dade County Corrections spokeswoman. He was being released Thursday after a bond hearing.

Carollo was arrested after a girl identified by police as one of his daughters made a frantic 911 call, saying, "Come help! My dad is hurting my mom."

According to the arrest report, officers found Maria Carollo with a golf ball-size lump on her left temple. The mayor had two scratches behind his left ear.

Maria Carollo wanted to press charges against her husband but later changed her mind, said police Lt. Bill Schwartz. Police decided to file charges anyway.

Karla Hernandez, a court spokeswoman, said Carollo was treated no differently from any other prisoner.

Carollo faces up to a year in jail if convicted but likely won't see jail time because he has no prior record, said Ed Griffith, a state attorney's office spokesman.