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Puzzle letters are great to include in scrapbooks

Scrapbooking in the past 10 years has become the hot new craft. Kid, moms, dad and grandparents are taking their treasured memories and making them into works of art that will last forever. Now you can write a letter to friends or family that they can put into their scrapbook. I enjoy sending a puzzle letter. This is a great one for children to write to a cousin or friend. A letter is written and then cut up into a puzzle. The pieces are then placed in the envelope and mailed. When the person receives it, he or she must put the puzzle together before the letter can be read. This adds extra fun.

My parents often sent their grandchildren a picture letter. Now that time has passed, they have become a piece of family art and have found their way into the children's scrapbooks. Write the letter and put picture in. Where you are describing a building, you draw the building. Yes, it is a small sketch. If you visited a lake, you can draw a little pond of water. If you went ice fishing, draw some small fish.

Another great idea is a photo letter. Take a picture and put it at the top of the page and then explain in writing under the letter what the picture is about.

And last, if you are a scrapbooker, just make a scrapbook page. Phone calls are great, but they are only a fleeting memory. A special letter can last forever and is a treat for the person who will receive it. Have fun and create special memories that last forever.

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