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The Know-Your-Baby Quiz

For each of the following questions, pick the best answer — in other words, the statement that describes your child most of the time.

1. My baby

a. rarely cries

b. cries only when she's hungry, tired or overstimulated

c. cries for no apparent reason

d. cries very loud, and if I don't attend to it, she quickly gets into a rage cry

e. cries a lot of the time

2. When it's time for him to go to sleep, my baby

a. lies peacefully in his crib and drifts off to sleep

b. generally falls asleep easily within 20 minutes

c. fusses a bit and seems to be drifting off but then keeps waking up

d. is very restless and often needs to be swaddled or held

e. cries a lot and seems to resent being put down

3. Upon waking up in the morning, my baby

a. rarely cries — she plays in her crib until I come in

b. coos and looks around

c. needs immediate attention or starts crying

d. screams

e. whimpers

4. My baby smiles

a. at everything and everybody

b. when prompted

c. when prompted but sometimes starts to cry within minutes of smiling

d. a lot and is also very vocal, tending to make very loud baby noises

e. only under the right circumstances

5. When we go on any kind of outing, my baby

a. is extremely portable

b. is OK as long as where we go isn't too busy or unfamiliar

c. fusses a great deal

d. is very demanding of my attention

e. doesn't like to be handled a lot

6. When confronted by a friendly stranger cooing at her, my baby

a. immediately smiles

b. takes a moment and then usually smiles fairly quickly

c. is likely to cry at first, unless the stranger can win her over

d. gets very excited

e. hardly ever smiles

7. When there's a loud noise, like a dog barking or a slamming door, my baby

a. is never rattled

b. notices it but isn't bothered

c. flinches visibly and often starts to cry

d. gets loud himself

e. starts to cry

To score the self-test above, write a, b, c, d and e on a piece of paper, and next to each one, count how many times you've used each letter, which denotes a corresponding type.

A's = Angel baby, B's = Textbook baby, C's = Touchy baby, D's = Spirited baby, E's = Grumpy baby.