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2 Oregon inmates escape; one caught, but killer at large

ONTARIO, Ore. (AP) — Two inmates, including one serving a life sentence for murder, escaped from prison after cutting a hole in a perimeter fence.

The murderer remained at large, while the other, a convicted rapist, was captured after the Wednesday escape from the Snake River Correctional Institution.

Oregon State Police and Malheur County sheriff's deputies were searching the area for Lee John Knoch, 23, convicted in 1998 on five counts of aggravated murder and charges of assault kidnapping, theft by extortion and harassment.

He was convicted of murdering Robert Holliday, 30, to keep Holliday from testifying against him in a torture case in which Holliday was the victim.

Holliday was brutalized and buried alive in March 1997, just days before Knoch's trial was to begin.