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Whom did lawmakers help or hurt?


Themselves by refusing to pass a bill that would have restricted legislators from becoming lobbyists for two years after their terms end.

Themselves by refusing to more tightly regulate gifts from lobbyists to legislators.

Themselves by refusing to limit split tabs on gifts to legislators from lobbyists.

Themselves by refusing to limit personal uses of campaign funds.

Cash-strapped teachers and schools in a number of ways: $23.9 million to replace outdated, worn-out textbooks; $5 million in funding for classroom supplies so teachers won't spend as much out of pocket; and exempting schools from collecting sales tax at certain events.

Schools by giving $75,000 to recruit and train substitute teachers.

Schools, teachers and students by setting aside a $20 million savings account for an anticipated enrollment wave.

Teachers by not prohibiting them from striking.

Schoolchildren by tightening safety regulations for school buses.

Parents by requiring public libraries to restrict access to porn via the Web.

Low-income housing residents by funding the Olene Walker Housing Trust Fund with $1 million.

Those needing organ transplants by making it easier to donate and recover organs from the recently deceased.

Drivers by allowing them to renew their licenses online.

The Navajo Nation by authorizing it to reduce motor and special fuel taxes.

The Utah Transit Authority by giving it $10 million in cash and $14.5 million in land and funding transfers to preserve rail corridors.

Small-plane pilots by providing $2.2 million for general aviation airports.

Airlines by giving them a tax break when buying fuel at the Salt Lake City International Airport.

Traveling smokers by not banning construction of smoking rooms in the airport.

Adoptive parents by giving them a $1,000 one-time tax credit for special-needs adoptions and offering services to assist them after the adoption.

Foster children by granting tuition waivers at state colleges and universities.

Adoptive families of special-needs children by clarifying the state's commitment to their long-term health.

Children by allowing them to stay with kin rather than in group homes when taken into state custody.

Unwanted newborns by allowing parents to safely relinquish them to hospitals.

Higher education students by passing "Truth in Tuition" disclosure requirements.

Students at Dixie State College, Utah Valley State College and Salt Lake Community College by drastically increasing the number of tuition waivers each institution can grant.P>

The uninsured by creating a task force to study health-care access.

Rural communities by expanding access to pharmacy services.

Renters by approving a resolution urging rental property owners to not raise rents beyond the cost of living in the next year or kick out tenants to make room for potentially higher-paying Olympic visitors.

Memory Grove by allocating $50,000 for repairs and reconstruction of memorials.

Children by refusing to legalize spanking.

Utah fisheries via a $300,000 appropriation.

Cattle, sheep and goats by giving $40,000 for Johne's disease testing.

Ranchers by stiffening penalties for crimes committed under the "domestic terrorism" code.

Vintage car owners by allowing them to use the license plates from the car's year.

Patrons of beauty and nail salons by requiring nail technicians and aestheticians (skin care workers) to be licensed.

Fishing youngsters in corrections programs by waiving their requirement for a fishing license.

Gun collectors by allowing them to collect antique firearms without needing permits.

People who carry around (and study) Utah code books by repealing scores of outdated laws, provisions and statutes that will never be used again.

Ice cream eaters by allowing the sale and rental of freezers in some stores.

Jell-O by making it Utah's official snack.


Women by refusing to pass a bill requiring insurance companies to cover contraceptives.

Members of any group that would be targeted for crimes by refusing to mandate stiffer penalties for hate crimes.

Minorities by refusing to pass a bill to combat racial profiling.

Families by killing a bill to study alternative ways of family conflict resolution.

Minority communities by failing to fund a task force to consider different health-care needs of special populations.

Minorities by refusing to pass a law that would have exempted certain groups from Utah's new "English Only" law.

Minimum-wage workers by mandating the state use the federal minimum wage of $5.15 per hour rather than allow cities and counties to set their own minimum.

Thousands of professionals by raising dozens of licensing fees, some significantly.

Children by refusing to prosecute adults who don't lock up their guns.

Parents who spank their children by refusing to specifically legalize spanking.

Sex offenders by mandating that they register forever, and within 10 days of any registered move.

Out-of-state sex offenders by requiring them to register with the state within 10 days of crossing the border.

Child pornographers by clarifying, in code, what child pornography is and the penalties attached to it.

Utahns' lungs by not appropriating more money for tobacco prevention programs.

Envirocare by imposing hazardous waste taxes.

Drink spikers by imposing penalties from a second-degree felony to class A misdemeanor for slipping something into the punch or anyone else's drink.

Drunken drivers by slapping them with stiffer penalties.

The Utah Transit Authority by giving it only $10 million in cash to preserve rail corridors.

The Utah Department of Transportation, which was not given a dime of the $100 million it wanted to prepare U-10 in central Utah for more extensive use by coal haulers.

The Salt Lake City Department of Airports, which lost revenue through a fuel tax break given to airlines.

New and young drivers by not allowing them to transport peers without a parent's note.

UEA and UPEA (political arms of unions or trade organizations) by making it illegal to withdraw political contributions from government employees' paychecks.

Referees by not protecting them from violent abuse while on the job.

Mischievous users of laser pointers by making it an infraction to aim one at someone who's driving or a law enforcement officer.

Miners by repealing Utah's eight-hour work day law for mines, smelters and related industries.

Iowa by making Jell-O Utah's official snack.