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4 topics are picked for task forces

Lawmakers selected four topics from a long list of issues to examine in legislative task forces, committees that conduct lengthy in-depth studies.

The following task forces were authorized:

The Enhancement of Public Education Task Force, proposed by Rep. Matthew Throckmorton, R-Springville, will take a closer look at legislative mandates to teachers and audit the State Office of Education.

The Access to Health Care and Coverage Task Force, sponsored by Sen. Pete Knudson, R-Brigham City, will determine how to improve medical care options for uninsured Utahns.

The Government Revenue and Tax System Task Force, sponsored by Rep. Chad Bennion, R-Murray, will take a comprehensive look at the Utah tax code. Bennion said a thorough review of the state's tax laws has not been conducted since the early 1930s.

The Task Force on Implementation of Water Fluoridation, backed by Sen. Steve Poulton, R-Holladay, will recommend statewide standards for fluoridating public water supplies.<

Also, the focus of the Electric Deregulation and Customer Choice task force was shifted to concentrate on finding energy alternatives in Utah. The goal is to stave off an energy crisis similar to the one that has stymied California this year.