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3rd fugitive linked to chase is arrested

WEST VALLEY CITY — The third man connected to Wednesday's wild police chase with a motor home was arrested Friday afternoon by Salt Lake County deputy sheriffs and U.S. marshals.

The man, 38, was arrested at an apartment near 4000 West and 4100 South.

Investigators received information the man was staying in one of the apartments and found his vehicle in the parking lot, Sgt. Todd Griffiths said.

Deputies and marshals set up a perimeter around the apartment just after noon. When the man who was harboring the fugitive went outside, he was grabbed and arrested. He told police the man they were looking for was inside, Griffiths said.

Deputies then spotted the man through the apartment window and barged in after him. The man ran to a back bedroom where he was in arms' reach of a 12-gauge shotgun and a handgun, said Griffiths.

The deputies had their weapons drawn and a short standoff ensued. The man at first disobeyed orders to put his hands up and kneel to the ground, Griffiths said. It was as if the man was debating whether to grab the guns.

"There were some tense moments like he was thinking what he should do," Griffiths said.

After standing there for nearly a minute, the man finally complied with the deputies' orders and surrendered.

The man was wanted on no-bail warrants related to methamphetamine possession, dealing and vehicle theft, Griffiths said. The man is considered one of the top meth producers in Utah, he said.

The man arrested was one of three people agents were monitoring Wednesday afternoon at a downtown Salt Lake motel. Two of the people left in a motor home, prompting a wild chase through afternoon rush hour traffic that finally ended in an accident near 4500 South and 500 West.

The third man left in a separate vehicle and was able to escape.

The man who was letting the fugitive hide in his apartment was arrested on a separate warrant for aggravated assault.