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Theater named after respected teacher

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. — In 14 years teaching drama at Santa Barbara Junior High School, Marjorie Millar Luke influenced hundreds of students, many of whom went on to professional careers. Now, the theater where her students presented their elaborate productions is being named after her as it is being renovated. Sister Luke, now retired and a member of the Kaysville 7th Ward, Kaysville Utah Central Stake, was honored Feb. 19 as a $2 million renovation project was begun. One of her former students, Anthony Edwards, an actor on the network television show "ER," invited her to come to Santa Barbara for the kick-off event, where he donated $600,000 to the renovation project.

Sister Luke was quoted by the Santa Barbara News-Press as saying: "I have seen young people come alive, find meaning, set goals, make good choices, bring joy to our world and make lasting contributions to the community. Differences of nationality, culture, language, faith, family structure and intelligence all faded away as we worked together in the magic place called 'imagination and theater.' "

Actor Edwards was quoted in the newspaper account as saying: "Everyone can name one or two people who had a profound influence on their lives. I am one of thousands of kids who were lucky enough to fall into Marjorie Luke's inspiration."