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'I'll treasure it always'

During those first months in Poland, a man came into the Fusseks' apartment and, without introducing himself, quietly went around the room studying the several displays. He later asked for a copy of the Book of Mormon and identified himself as a principal over several schools. He asked if the Fusseks would visit his schools and teach about the Church without preaching.

"For three years we taught," said Sister Fussek. "We could see the principal out of the corner of our eye, watching us, lurking in the gangway. He later asked us to share our feelings in an English class. Something wonderful was happening during this time. While no baptisms came from these classes, the students seemed spellbound and hung on every word. They flocked around us. I know we touched them.

"When the principal learned our missionary service was over and we were returning home, he brought flowers and said, 'When you talk of the gospel, I have feelings like I've never had in my life. I'll treasure it always.' "