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IHC, United Way sponsor free lecture on memory

A class on memory for adults 55 and older will be held at the Murray City Heritage Center, 10 E. 6150 South (west of State Street) on Thursday, March 29, at 10:30 a.m. Mark Fox from Cottonwood Neurorehabilitation will present a lecture, "Memory, It's Not What You Think," that will address memory loss, what it means and what to do to help yourself remember things. The class, made possible by Intermountain Health Care and United Way, is free and reservations are not needed. Lunch is available at noon after the lecture for $2.50. Reservations for the optional lunch must be made by 1 p.m. on March 28 by calling 264-2635.

Many older people worry about becoming more forgetful, thinking it's the first sign of Alzheimer's disease. In the past, memory loss and confusion were considered a normal part of aging. Scientists now know that most people remain both alert and able as they age, though it may take them longer to remember things.