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Friendly teen needs a family

Angela is a young lady who is friendly and outgoing. She enjoys the arts, being with people and listening to music.

Due to abuse and neglect in her birth home, she has been in foster care since August 1998. She has had two placements.

Angela is 16, attends the 11th grade and is working at grade level. She is developing goals for her future and likes the feeling of succeeding in the things she tries. Angela enjoys the company of adults but also has many close friends who are her own age.

She understands the importance of having a permanent family and has asked that she be the youngest in the family. She would prefer being placed with an African-American two-parent or single-mom family. She has stayed in contact with her birth family and wants to enjoy some continued contact with them.

Financial assistance is available for medical care and therapy.

Editor's note: Each week the Deseret News profiles a special-needs child available for adoption through The Adoption Exchange, 1065 E. 3300 South. Anyone interested in a child may call the exchange at 801-412-0200 or write . The Adoption Exchange in connection with the state Division of Child and Family Services also has a Web site featuring waiting children.